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TCAdmin 2.0.146 now available (stable)


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  • New MVC file manager (thanks to Alexr03). Update your default themes.
  • Added incremental version field to mod settings. When a mod is updated increase this value and users will see there is an update available. If the mod does not have a script for the update event it will execute uninstall then install scripts.
  • Added email template that is only sent when there is an error in a task created by the billing api.
  • When a reseller has more than one package the billing api selects one automatically if needed.


  • Mod config files were not updated when IP and ports changed.
  • Fixed filtering by service id in game server list.
  • Fixed sending a specific server id to the billing api.
  • Fixed access denied when setting processor group.
  • Reseller package games were not enforced by the billing api.
  • Before workshop autoupdate event was not executing under some conditions.
  • Fixed end of stream error messages when showing monitor errors on Linux.
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4 minutes ago, therimmer96 said:

Is it just me or has the new file manager not got the ability to move files?

yeah there doesn't seem to be an option to move files around anymore, not with right click or drag and drop. 


I'm having issues with the teamspeak browser after this update. 

everything else seems to work fine 


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For those of you that already installed please install the update again. There was a bug with port selection and fast download sync. I also added syntax highlighting. I'm waiting to see if there are any more bugs that went through and I'll release 2.0.147 tomorrow.

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