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TCAdmin 2.0.147 now available (stable)


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  • Added checkbox to always show update available for a mod.
  • MVC/ASPX file manager downloads are use https.
  • (MVC file manager) Added option to overwrite files when copying/moving in MVC file manager.
  • (MVC file manager) Added correct coloring to text editor depending on file extension.

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  • Task error emails were only sent when the error occurred in the last step.
  • (MVC file manager) Empty file could not be uploaded.
  • (MVC file manager) File extensions were not shown when renaming.
  • (MVC file manager) File with more than one periods could not be renamed.
  • (MVC file manager) Error messages are compatible with cloudflare.
  • (MVC file manager) Deleting a large amount of files in MVC would crash the browser tab.
  • (MVC file manager) On some installations files could not be uploaded to remotes.
  • (MVC file manager) On Linux Sometimes owner was not set correctly.
  • (MVC file manager) Fixed open files list when having more than 2 open files.
  • Remote monitors would restart after 1 mysql error. This has been changed to 10 consecutive errors.
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