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Need some feedback on new template


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Looking nice so far, definitely an improvement to the current default.

  • The icons on the left should be relevant to the text (e.g. Home icon should be an icon of a house, Game/Voice management should be a game controller icon)
  • When the sidebar drops down to show the children, maybe have a box behind it to make viewing the text easier instead of using the background of the sidebar?.
  • Gravatar or built-in avatars?
  • We need to see previews of it with a service page. 😛
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Wow! I am so happy this is coming to fruition, Nice and modern!!

Pretty much what Alex said ^^
To add onto the default avatars maybe gravatar or something like this https://www.jqueryscript.net/other/Create-Gmail-Like-Text-Avatars-with-jQuery-SVG-initial-js.html

Perhaps allowing us to enroll in a beta (Closed beta) so we can actually login to the panel and play around and see?



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Theme is very impressive and something that I think TCA deserves. A lot of progress was made with the introduction of MVC themes and this certainly takes it a step ahead.

Images and text should line up a bit better and be on the same horizontal plane.

A slightly more "modern" font instead of being so stock would also be more appealing. May I suggest Google Fonts Comfortaa, Ubuntu, or something similar?

Great feature with the customizable background, too. Is this for admins only or can customers change the looks of things?

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