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Cloud Backups


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Cloud Backups

Allow your clients to backup to many different types of backup solutions.


  • WHMCS Support - Charge your clients for capacity on your S3 servers.
  • 3 Different types of backup solutions:
    • S3 (Compatible API's)
      • Minio
      • AWS
      • Backblaze B2
    • FTP
    • Local
  • Backups are downloadable straight from the File Manager.
  • Backups can be restored straight from the File Manager.
  • Backups can be deleted straight from the File Manager.
  • Configurable location for Local Backups.
  • S3 & FTP servers can be configured per service.


  • Login to your TCAdmin and head to the Plugin Repository.
  • Click Modules and click "Cloud Backups"
  • Click "Install Module"

After the installation is complete you should now see a "Backups" button on the File Manager toolbar and you should see "Backup Administration" button on the Settings page.


Known Issues

  • Backblaze B2 - S3 backups will fail for any file over 5mb.

If you find an issue or want something implemented into this. Please create an issue on the github page - https://github.com/Alexr03/TCAdminBackup/issues


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I do not see an option to create a backup, might I be missing something? I have local backups turned on, because I could not figure out how to add my S3 bucket, and that is fine, but I can't create a backup either way. I attached an image as to what I see when i click backup.


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Hi there

When I try and throw it up on FTP I get this one here.

 Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Aspx\Interface\Base\Proxy.ashx\Request-a5c2036a-7df5-4e0e-b6b0-2c40240bb14e'.


When I then throw it up on Local Storage I get this one here

Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: UserId (0)

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