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TCAdmin 2.0.150 now available (stable)


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  • Implemented Powershell (Windows only), Javascript, Lua scripts. All scripting objects are available in these languages. (Thanks to Alexr03).
  • "Workshop Download Retries" has been renamed to "Steam Download Retries". This is now applied to Steam game and Workshop downloads.
  • [MVC] Added System Settings > Plugin Repository. This allows you to install themes, game configs, languages and modules that have been shared in the forum. If you are running with IIS give the application pool user full permissions on ControlPanel.MVC. (Thanks to Alexr03 and M0RG4N)
  • [MVC] File manager supports Google Drive backup/restore.
  • [MVC] Added option in theme settings to apply primary and secondary colors to the sidebar instead of the page's subtitle.
  • [MVC] Added option to upload custom javascript in theme settings.
  • [MVC] Console background and text color can be configured in theme setings (Steam Update, Fast Download Sync, etc).
  • [MVC] Added option in theme settings to choose between original icons, fontawesome colored and uncolored icons.
  • [MVC] Added option in theme settings to specify background position. (NexT theme only)
  • [MVC] Added Support for Gravatar. (NexT theme only)
  • [MVC] Added option to pin service icons to prevent expanding on mouse hover.
  • [MVC] Main sidebar on NexT theme is collapsible.
  • [MVC] Added refresh buton to file manager.
  • [MVC] file manager is compatible with mobile devices.
  • [MVC] file manager remembers user's configuration (grid/list view, file details on/off).
  • [MVC] Moved server management back to the main menu



  • [MVC] Fixed/improved css when applying ThemeBuilder to Aspx. Select the theme, click on apply then save to get the updated css.
  • [MVC] Fixed list of time zones shown in profile when running on Linux.
  • [MVC] Added missing ASCII encoding to file manager.
  • [MVC] Improved Next performance on Firefox.
  • [MVC] Fixed getting border-radius from ThemeBuilder with Firefox.
  • [MVC] Error messages with more than one line caused javascript error in script popup.
  • [MVC] Fixed constant iframe reload when changing some options in security settings.
  • [MVC] File manager rename/delete could not be translated.
  • Commandline manager did not restart service.
  • Fixed error extracting tar with Mono 6.10.
  • Fixed invalid characters preventing task errors from being displayed.
  • Fixed russian and other characters in zip files.
  • Fixed start error caused by JobManager on Windows.
  • Custom images in Aspx theme folder were not being used.
  • Sometimes if there was a task error the service was left in "processing" status.
  • C# scripts show the real exception message instead of "exception!".
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