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TCAdmin 2.0.151 now available (beta)


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Before you update


  • [MVC] Service config files page has been converted to MVC.
  • [MVC] Service mods page has been converted to MVC. (thanks to Alexr03 and M0RG4N)
  • [MVC] Added option to configure an image in mod settings
  • [MVC] Added favorites to file manager for fast access to files.
  • [MVC] Improved performance editing large files.
  • [MVC] Plugin repository shows installed plugins at the top and if an update is available.
  • Interval limit can be configured for scheduled scripts.
  • Added new "column" item type for config editors.
  • Added support for more than 260 characters in path (Windows 10, 2016 and 2019).
  • Added "Enabled" column to themes list.



  • [MVC] Fixed access denied when viewing a service while logged out on Linux. Now it redirects to login.
  • [MVC] Fixed a css bug and made improvements to tabs and grid (thanks to markmozza).
  • [MVC] Mobile devices were not detected correctly on Linux.
  • Fixed mime type for svg files in built it web server.
  • Fixed overflow error after installing workshop items with a sqlite database.
  • Fixed Ark auto update check.
  • Fixed zip/tar errors with latest Mono.
  • Fixed error when viewing theme details when french language was selected.
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1 hour ago, jungleNZ said:

Where and how do I do that? Why has it changed from being normal (working) to having to make it editable.

Also is there a fix so text editor button shows as well as config button?




When you edit the game's config, head over to the "File Manager" tab and there you should find "Editable Extensions".

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  • 8 months later...

WHen I try to update to version or any newer from the Web interface (and also from the command line) I get the following errors.

There is created an empty upgrade.rar file inside the temp folder (0B)

What to do ?


Task Information
Id: 453
User: Administrators
Name: Update TCAdmin
Run Time: 05-05-2021 15:49:47 (UTC/GMT)
Step:  (2 of 2)
Error: Could not find file 'C:\TCAdmin2\Temp\Upgrade.rar'.

Log Details
Updating TCAdmin...
Downloading update information...
Downloading update file...
Could not find file 'C:\TCAdmin2\Temp\Upgrade.rar'.

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