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Remote Console


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Remote Console


This module will allow Administrators of your TCAdmin instance to remotely execute:

  • Batch Scripts
  • Powershell Scripts
  • Bash Scripts

On your TCAdmin Master or Remotes.

You can also save/load scripts so you can use them for future use!

Only install this module if you trust all of your users on TCAdmin that are the Administrator role. Since TCAdmin runs as a service in windows (system account) they can execute potentially harmful commands on the server.


  • Login to your TCAdmin and head to the Plugin Repository.
  • Click Modules and click "Remote Console"
  • Click "Install Module"

After the installation is complete you should now see a "Remote Console" button on the sidebar under "Server Management"

Known Issues

  • None as of 1.0.0

If you find an issue or want something implemented into this. Please create an issue on the github page - https://github.com/Alexr03/TCAdminRemoteConsole


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