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Alexr03.Common is a dependency of this module. Install Alexr03.Common first!


This module is the port of TCAdminCrons that required an external application to be run outside of TCAdmin and required complex setup. This removes that complexity and provides a simple interface to run the application straight from TCAdmin!


  • Automatic Minecraft Game Updates (Provide your clients with the most up to date files straight from the game updates page)
    • Vanilla Updates
    • Bukkit Updates
    • Paper Updates
    • Spigot Updates


  • Login to your TCAdmin and head to the Plugin Repository.
  • Click Modules and click "TCAdminCrons"
  • Click "Install Module"

After the installation is complete you should now see a "Crons" section on the TCAdmin Settings page. Click the buttons under this section to configure the module.

If you find an issue or want something implemented into this. Please create an issue on the github page - https://github.com/Alexr03/TCAdminCronsModule


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I have 2 question



#1 is this the game ID in the the config setup



#2 is the" Extract Path  /"  do i just leave as a / or do i need to add something here. As right now when i click run now it doesn't do anything



thanks for any help



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