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TCAdmin 2.0.158 now available (stable)


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  • [MVC] Updates and Mods support custom images relative to the MVC template folder.
  • [MVC] Remote monitor will download missing or outdated module plugins at startup.
  • Added subadmin role permissions to view and edit datacenter.
  • Servers download TCAdmin updates using CDN.



  • [MVC] Some error messages were not shown in the browser when running the website in IIS. If you have the built in web server disabled this can be fixed in IIS Manager > Your Website > Error Pages > Edit Feature Settings > select Detailed Errors
  • [MVC] Fixed streaming the service activity log on Linux.
  • Fixed bug when compressing symlinks on Linux.
  • Fixed some bugs with the FTP server on Linux.
  • Powershell scripts now show any errors that occur while executing.
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