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TCAdmin 2.0.160 now available (stable)


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Before you update


  • [MVC] Improved file manager search to look for files in current folder and sub folders.
  • [MVC] Added full text search to file manager.
  • [MVC] Added toastr
  • [MVC] Added a way to install module zip files manually.
  • [Windows] Web console supports colors when web console output is set to "Console Wrapper".
  • [Linux] Web console supports colors when "control console ouput" is checked and web console output is set to "Console output".
  • [Linux] When control console input or ouput is checked the game server is started with the screen command.
  • Added a way to execute a script from another script.
  • Added BattleEye rcon protocol for Arma/Dayz.
  • Added option in api settings to return success from billing api when service does not exist.



  • Fixed file manager binary downloads on Chrome (MVC and ASPX).
  • Fixed new datacenter button for admins.
  • Fixed xml errors on some task logs.
  • Tooltips hide until the mouse is removed from the target.
  • Fixed javascript error when config editor has a repeat section.
  • Fixed service manager error "The configuration file has been changed by another program."
  • Fixed FTP SIZE command.
  • Fixed recurring task's next run time when there was a change in daylight saving.
  • Fixed "Data type not implemented: System.Double".
  • [Windows] Fixed slow speed when getting list of files and directories on some servers.
  • [Linux] Compressing symlinks caused an error.
  • [MVC] Enabled the built in search in the text editor to fix searching in large files.
  • [MVC] Paging was not enabled in config files.
  • [MVC] File manager now waits until the file has been completly uploaded to the remote before showing sucess.
  • [MVC] Log viewer date format changes according to selected language.
  • [MVC] Config files could not be edited if file manager was not enabled.
  • [MVC] Custom link's iframe style was not applied.
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On 2/23/2021 at 3:31 AM, whitehammer9 said:

@LFAI know their has been alot of security risks recently with remote connection with Remote desktop, is their a security update coming soon? 

What would TCAdmin need to do for this? The users that TCAdmin create on windows instances are denied remote desktop privileges.

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