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TCAdmin 2.0.161 now available (stable)


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Important Note

  • After updating you will not see the "Please wait while the monitor is restarted" dialog. This bug is fixed in this update.


  • Service limit by game type can be specified for each server. For example only create 2 Rust services on the same server. Select the game, click on servers, set the limit.
  • Added "update existing services" button in global scripts (only when applicable).
  • Recurring task for database backups now has an option to delete old backups.
  • Windows firewall support also opens game server's ports along with adding the exe to the firewall exepctions.
  • Added "Skip if service is responding to queries" and option to select more than one server to verify/repair tool.
  • When a service belongs to a virtual server, affinity can be changed in service settings if the virtual server's affinity is not set.
  • Added game setting run as = "Unique operating system user for each control panel user".
  • [Scripting] Improved handling of Powershell script output and errors.
  • [FTP] Added option to change FTP directory listing style to UNIX. This is required for compatibility with GSA:RconConnect.
  • [FTP] Certificate is renewed if it's expired.
  • [MVC] Improved notification when a TCAdmin update is available.
  • [MVC] Up to 40% faster page generation.
  • [MVC] Steam backgrounds are shown if steam store id is set even if steam update is disabled.
  • [MVC] If there is an error executing a module's code it will show the error separatly instead of canceling the whole page load.


  • [MVC] Fixed config editor when game was using config files from a template.
  • [MVC] Fixed collapse mods option in game settings.
  • [MVC] Fixed game updates when game was using updates from a template.
  • [MVC] Fixed error in file manager when saving large files.
  • [MVC] Task popup didn't update correctly if the task took too long to start.
  • [MVC] The game/voice servers link in the main menu was missing when a user selected a sub user.
  • [MVC] Prevent accidental double click on buttons.
  • [MVC] Fixed redirect bug when 2step is required but not configured by the current user.
  • [MVC] Mod setting "Can be uninstalled" was not enforced.
  • [MVC] The "Please wait while the monitor is restarted" dialog is not shown when updating.
  • [Windows] Fixed SourceRcon.exe process hanging in the background.
  • [Windows] Fixed sending ctrl+c to stop game servers with console.
  • [Windows] Fixed error when ComSpec environment variable was not set.
  • ThisServiceController was not available for before/after stop events.
  • Fixed high CPU usage when viewing web console when Output Source = Log file
  • Fixed bug when more than one order for new game servers was sent from WHMCS at the same time.
  • Fixed bug with step increment in config editor numeric textbox when current language uses comma as decimal separator.
  • Fixed 'There is an error in XML document' when viewing some task logs.
  • Fixed date time picker when current language has a period as the time separator.
  • Copies of TCAdminControlWrapper.exe are deleted correctly.
  • Game import/export did not include default variable configuration.
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