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Help, do not let me install


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3 minutes ago, numpty said:

¿Ha creado ya la base de datos? Ya que necesita crear una base de datos para que el sistema se conecte para guardar todas las cosas. Utilice el servidor MySQL 

If, of course, the database is created and connects correctly

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I already tried to create a table called tcadmin.tc_servers and I also did not work

Delete the whole database and then run the sql file in the saved directory of c:/program files/tcadmin/sql if I remember. And run the correct file and should create all the relevant tables. Maybe it bugged before and failed to create the full database.

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Ready I achieve it, but now it does not let me finish, touch the button many times and do nothing

Strange. U can try manual restart. Start>type services. Open it. Then fine tcadmin monitor. Then right click. Restart. Then type if I remember then should work. Give it few mins after hitting restart to let it boot up

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