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Errors upon errors


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Hey hey!


I've spent, probably 2-3 hours trying to figure out how to install this. I have followed the instructions that was sent to me in my e-mail, and I did all the registry key, ncap yada yada yada----....


I tried first using MySQL, but when I tried to create a new gameserver, it would somehow loose connection to the database and "try again in 5 seconds.."

Anyways, i tried reinstalling it about 5 times without success. So I decided to try SQLITE, as I am going to use it for my community, but still need a full master server because I plan to host more than just 4 servers.


So with SQLite I get a server created, but it can't open the steamcmd.zip files, I fixed this by replacing the zip file, with a brand-new downloaded one from Valve. Now, it actually extracted the files.


However, whenever i try to use the Steam update, now on the created service, the whole Windows machine crashes. I cannot see anything out of order, as to why it would crash.


I've nailed it down to the .BAT files in the picture above. Again, i can't see anything out of the ordinary as to why the whole system would crash, but whenever i open one of these files it just crashes.


Here's some specs:

Windows Server 2019 (Brand new install)

Ryzen 5 5600X

32GB DDR4-3200 (NON-ECC)

No GFX-card
1 extra NIC, apart from the one in the motherboard, using both.



As for requirements;

As i mentioned above i have followed the installation guide, so all the requirements should be up-to-speed, i will take recommendations etc. Whatever can take me out of this hell.


I am having quite the frustration with this as i hoped, when i installed it, it would just run and I could create my servers and have it easily managed.


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