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Good morning.

Yes I have already created one but there is still a lot to do like copying the own server files and deleting unnecessary files.

Also it is so that all settings work only in the commandline because there are no real serverconfigfiles yet. I think this will take some time until I am completely finished with the file.




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The current problem is that I need a script that copies from here D:\TCAFiles\Users\DRT_Support\226\WindowsPrivateServer

2 folders namely the Engine and MOE folder 


So after here F4XjrQi.png into the root of the game server. 

He must always do this when Steam update

And before that he must delete the old MOE and Engine folders. The actual server files are in the WindowsPrivatServer. The other MOE and Engine folder is the entire game, if you download it in the original via steamcmd

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I hope someone can help here.

I have written a script that should first copy the savegame somewhere else so that the old engine and MOE folder can be deleted.

After that it should move the saved savegame back into the MOE folder.

So next would have to copy the server files but there it goes no further.

In the original, the server files are in the WindowsPrivatServer folder and must be in a directory before

Here is an example how it should look like

Here the Script, it is only on the fast made:

import shutil
import time

shutil.move(ThisService.RootDirectory + '/MOE/Saved', ThisService.RootDirectory + '/temp/Saved')


shutil.rmtree(ThisService.RootDirectory + '/MOE')
shutil.rmtree(ThisService.RootDirectory + '/Engine')


shutil.move(ThisService.RootDirectory + '/temp/Saved', ThisService.RootDirectory + '/MOE/Saved')


shutil.move(ThisService.RootDirectory + '/WindowsPrivateServer', ThisService.RootDirectory + './')

The script will then run automatically after each Steam update.

The contents of the WindowsPrivateServer folder:


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Good evening

I just uploaded the file and it still needs to be released.

It was solved all the problems so far. And also the script is ready written that the file after the Steamupdate are copied correctly and all unnecessary is deleted as the client files etc..

The savegame is temporarily moved from the MOE folder so that this is not deleted. After successfully copying the update, the savegame is moved back to the correct location.

Because of the fact that all variables had to be in the commandline, it has become very large, but everything works.

I am currently working on labeling the commandline. English as well as German.

This will look like this: 3Kg2UBy.png 

I hope this is ok. I do the whole thing in my spare time so an update always takes a while. 

Here are some screens:




VG Marco

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