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7 Days To Die (Experimental)


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7 Days To Die (Experimental)


  1. Download the config
  2. Go to TCAdmin > System > Settings > Game & Voice Hosting > Game & Other Voice Servers > Import
  3. Save the config as a new config or chose "Overwrite existing config" if you which to overwrite your current 7 Days to Die Experimental config. Remember to select 7 Days to Die Experimental in the 'Update Game' field if you do
  4. Leave all other settings


  • Shut down properly using custom script with rcon commands
  • Support for A20 Experimental
  • Support for Alloc's Server Fixes (easy install)
  • Support for "Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night..." (easy install)
  • Configuration files are 100% configurable using Configuration Editor
  • Easy backup of worlds and configuration files

If you want any mods added, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Switch between versions

Alpha config is available from here:

To switch between Alpha and Experimental, you should enable Game Switching: https://help.tcadmin.com/Manage_Game_%26_Voice_Services#Game_Switching

Once this has been enabled, you can switch between the versions. Please note that your server will be completely wiped when doing this.


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What's New in Version 1.0.2  

This update only fixes issues for the Linux config.

  • [Fixed] "Relative Executable" was not set
  • [Fixed] "Files Folder Name" was not set
  • [Fixed] "Default Commandline" was not specifying the correct path to the logfile
    • This also fixes web console not working
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