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TCAdmin 2.0.174 now available (stable with beta features)


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  • FTPS (Windows) uses the automatically generated Let's Encrypt certificate.
  • [Beta] Steam update option "Update only if new version is available" supports -beta in the app id field.
  • [Beta] Steam app id field supports variables. This can be used to allow the user to select a branch. For example -beta ![Branch]


  • Fixed plugin repository grid on Linux.
  • Steam update option "Update only if new version is available" was not working if game's query protocol was not set.
  • Fixed installing minecraft mod packs when mysql replication is enabled.
  • Fixed cache bug when a remote was created, deleted and added again.
  • Fixed bug executing the TCAdminCrons module.
  • Fixed scroll in "configure items" in config editor and variable settings.
  • Fixed Steam update warning "Please use force_install_dir before logon!"
  • Game monitor rule script was stopping the service even if stop service was unchecked.
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