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Game Memory / Virtual Memory


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@LFA  if you could help with global script to be set when memory and virtual memory exceeded its limit in the server. My formula for Memory limit vs Virtual limit is:

Memory limit * 1.5 = Virtual Memory Limit

I found a global script for restarting the service



This previous script has limited to what memory and virtual memory used. Meanwhile , we all know that once memory limit is applied and exceeds its limit it will start eating from virtual memory so i set virtual memory as well for this case. Now we need that once virtual memory exceeded its limit, the service stops or restarted as global script since i believe with the previous scenario the server will basically crash meanwhile i want it to be stopped instead and send an email to the users says that memory limit is been exceeded (basically to give a reason to the user).


Your assistance would be highly appreciated.


Note: I posted this thread in the wrong section, please move me to the correct one. Thx

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I don't think you can do that using the Memory Limit and Virtual Memory Limit settings. Once the service has hit it's virtual memory limit, it will crash - it has no more available memory to do anything.

You could instead create a custom variable that decides how much variable a service is allowed to use (this is done by ticking the "Max memory" checkbox in the variable settings).

After creating the variable, you can create a custom rule in Query Monitoring that detects if the service is using more than 1.5 times the allowed memory limit, and if so restart the service and send the customer an email.

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