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TCAdmin 2.0.178 now available (stable)


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  • Added toolbar button in server settings to add/remove from selected servers in API settings.
  • Added security option "Enforce two-step verification on users".
  • Improved speed of SFTP folder listing.


  • Fixed cross-site scripting in log viewer.
  • Fixed scheduled task bug when moving game server with "Keep original service" checked.
  • Fixed memory leak when executing iron python scripts.
  • Caret character was not escaped correctly in batch scripts.
  • Variables used in a script with "Prompt for variable values" checked for before/after reinstall events didn't have the correct values.
  • Before delete event was not executing for custom modules (fixes mysql manager when deleting the game server).
  • Fast download automatic sync was not executing when uploading with the MVC file manager.
  • Fixed refresh button in current activity & stats.
  • The service was not started again if there was an error when installing a workshop file.
  • "Stop service before executing" was not available for the before steam update event.
  • Improved encoding detection in text editor.
  • Fixed error when creating a game server and the folder doesn't exist.
  • MVC config file description didn't allow html.
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