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Billing Alerts


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Billing Alerts

This module gets the next due date and trial expiration date from WHMCS and shows alerts in TCAdmin.


  • Supports toast and control panel messages/emails.
  • Toast and email messages are configured in Settings > Mail Templates.


  • TCAdmin or greater
  • WHMCS API credentials that allows the GetClientsProducts action.


  • Go to Settings > Billing Alerts.
  • Enable the module.
  • Configure your WHMCS API URL, ID and secret.
  • If you offer trials configure the trial length in days.
  • Configure when you want TCAdmin to start showing toast and send messages/emails.
  • Update the toast click URLs. By default the trial URL takes you to the product and due date URL takes you to unpaid invoices.
  • Extract extract-to-whmcs-tcadmin2_advanced.zip located in TCAdmin2\ControlPanel.MVC\bin-extensions\billing-alerts-1.0.0 or /home/tcadmin/ControlPanel.MVC/bin-extensions/billing-alerts-1.0.0 to your tcadmin2_advanced folder in WHMCS. This will remove the toast notification after the user pays the invoice or upgrades from a trial.

To test connectivity with WHMCS:

  • Select a game server.
  • Click on More...
  • Execute the [ Billing Alerts ] action.
  • The script's output will show the game server's next due date or trial expiration date. If there's an error you can enable API logging in WHMCS: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/1420554-troubleshooting-debugging-api
  • If this works the module's recurring task will execute every day at 6AM (master server time).
  • If you don't want to wait you can go to Settings > Scheduled Tasks. Look for the task "[BillingAlerts] Update all trial expirations/due dates" and start it.

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