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Dysterra Config ?


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I have created a config but it is causing problems.

The pure start via commandline does not work, the server is not found.

-log -customserver -QueryPort=$[Service.QueryPort] -rconip=$[Service.IpAddress] -rconport=$[Service.RConPort] -rconpasswd=![rconpasswd] -worldsettings="$[Service.UserDirectory]Dysterra\WorldSettings\MyServer.json" -GameServerLoginToken=![GameServerLoginToken]

When I start the game with a Start.bat

cd /d %~dp0
set SteamAppId=1527890
DysterraServer.exe -log -customserver -QueryPort=27035 -rconip=HIDDEN -rconport=27036 -rconpasswd=HIDDEN -worldsettings="D:\DysterraDedicatedServer\Dysterra\WorldSettings\MyServer.json" -GameServerLoginToken=HIDDEN

If you find the server, but TCAdmin aborts the server after 5 minutes approximately.

Does anyone have an idea?

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mine doing the same thing. Not show on serverlist. However if I run one from the RC exe on my machine it works fine.

just added the set steamappid part to batch file commandline and it works fine. Now to test it for tcadmin.


Have to run it using the bat file as startup. Unless you know how to load up the set ssteamappid to read before the exe and commnadline.

Server shows in list when i have run using a start.bat/


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I have found the reason.

In the server config there are 100 slots and in TCAdmin too.

But when I start the server, it shows me in TCAdmin 110 slots and so it stops the server because the max slots have been exceeded.

But I don't know where the +10 slots come from.

Server Config


If I run it like this it works.

So 50 slots in the server config

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