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FiveM txadmin


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FiveM txadmin

This config will allow you to host Fivem servers with txadmin, the txadmin is not installed automatically so you have to tell the client the path or add the path yourself. It's some extra step to allow the MySQL auto string to work. you don't have to do this step if you just want to use txadmin. That step is just to make sure the mod manager will install everything automatically.

Read before you install "automatic SQL installer "not into your SQL server just MySQL string". If you want automatic mod SQL to work. Disclaimer does this step at your own risk. might not work in future versions of TCAdmin. So what the automatic SQL installer will do it will look for a SQL that you made through MySQL manger by MORG4NO1, then auto-fill root with MySQL manger information 

set mysql_connection_string "mysql://root:12345@localhost:3306/es_extended?charset=utf8mb4"

I have made a huge update on this config so you can install a server from the mod manager this is just esx legacy and qbcore "You can make your own mod manager installer too. " But it's installing the server with the database automatic "just the string, not SQL inject". If you want to have the automatic see what database, pass, and username it's using you have to update the panel to "For now" and run this to your SQL. you have to make a database after the service has been made to work with mod manager MySQL.

Just so you know the config works 100% without the SQL and update the panel. You only do that if you want the panel to work with MySQL manager by M0RG4N01. And it will only work for the mod manager.

Disclaimer again. You dont need to make this step and its for you own risk. "This step its only for MySQL manager"

Update the panel to version to

"C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor\TCAdminUpdateTool.exe"

Add this to you Tcadmin Database


REPLACE INTO `tc_default_variables` (`source`, `variable_id`, `is_custom`, `display_name`, `name`, `default_value`, `variable_type`, `is_script`, `read_only`, `view_order`) VALUES
	('TCAdmin.GameHosting.SDK.Objects.Service', 1003, 1, 'Service - _MySQLPlugin::Username', '_MySQLPlugin::Username', '$ipy<%ReturnValue = ThisService.Variables.GetValue(\'_MySQLPlugin::Username\')%>', 1, 1, 0, 1000),
	('TCAdmin.GameHosting.SDK.Objects.Service', 1004, 1, 'Service - _MySQLPlugin::Password', '_MySQLPlugin::Password', '$ipy<%ReturnValue = ThisService.Variables.GetValue(\'_MySQLPlugin::Password\')%>', 1, 1, 0, 1000),
	('TCAdmin.GameHosting.SDK.Objects.Service', 1005, 1, 'Service - _MySQLPlugin::Database', '_MySQLPlugin', '$ipy<%ReturnValue = ThisService.Variables.GetValue(\'_MySQLPlugin::Database\')%>', 1, 1, 0, 1000);


  • Automatic installing latest version of esx legacy and qbcore white automatic MySql string automatically
  • Update server-data folder to the latest version
  • Update to latest artifacts version
  • Txadmin panel link. 


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