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FiveM txadmin


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FiveM txadmin

I have made a huge update on this config it will now make a user and the correct path to the server-data folder without needed to make the setup. Ps i want to make a linux version but i dont have linux machine so i cant make one.

The username for txadmin will always be the same username as the tcadmin user are.

Password will always be "masterpassword123" If you want to change that password go to configuration files inside the fivem config. Then change the password hash just remember you have to set a password hash you cant use a normal password. Txadmin its using bcrypt encrypt. So need to be encrypt with bcrypt password hash.


Automatic installing latest version of esx legacy and qbcore white automatic MySql string automatically
Update server-data folder to the latest version
Update to latest artifacts version
Txadmin panel link. 

Disclaimer, If you have installed fivem on a other disk you have to change that in the configuration files. 

Disclaimer. You dont need to make this step and its for you own risk. "This step its only for MySQL manager" If you want mod installer to put mysql password, username and databas name automatic. But to make that work you need to run this command in your mysql.

Add this to you Tcadmin Database

REPLACE INTO `tc_default_variables` (`source`, `variable_id`, `is_custom`, `display_name`, `name`, `default_value`, `variable_type`, `is_script`, `read_only`, `view_order`) VALUES
    ('TCAdmin.GameHosting.SDK.Objects.Service', 1003, 1, 'Service - _MySQLPlugin::Username', '_MySQLPlugin::Username', '$ipy<%ReturnValue = ThisService.Variables.GetValue(\'_MySQLPlugin::Username\')%>', 1, 1, 0, 1000),
    ('TCAdmin.GameHosting.SDK.Objects.Service', 1004, 1, 'Service - _MySQLPlugin::Password', '_MySQLPlugin::Password', '$ipy<%ReturnValue = ThisService.Variables.GetValue(\'_MySQLPlugin::Password\')%>', 1, 1, 0, 1000),
    ('TCAdmin.GameHosting.SDK.Objects.Service', 1005, 1, 'Service - _MySQLPlugin::Database', '_MySQLPlugin', '$ipy<%ReturnValue = ThisService.Variables.GetValue(\'_MySQLPlugin::Database\')%>', 1, 1, 0, 1000);





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Curious if you know the answer. I set up a version for my linux server. The issue I run into is when I start the TXadmin panel it fights the service on the TCAdmin panel. Once I stop one of the services whichever one still running will turn on. Any ideas on a fix?


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my Server didn't start:


[22:51:08][tx:FXRunner] Spawn Variables: +setr txAdmin-locale de +set txAdmin-localeFile C:\TCAFiles\Users\admin\2\txadmin\locale.json +setr txAdmin-verbose false +set txAdmin-checkPlayerJoin true +set txAdmin-menuAlignRight false +set txAdmin-menuPageKey Tab +set txAdmin-hideDefaultAnnouncement false +set txAdmin-hideDefaultDirectMessage false +set txAdmin-hideDefaultWarning false +set txAdmin-hideDefaultScheduledRestartWarning false +set onesync legacy +sets txAdmin-version 6.0.2 +setr txAdmin-menuEnabled true +set txAdmin-luaComHost +set txAdmin-luaComToken r8fQdKLPgzHHWNwwgN9P +set txAdminServerMode true +exec C:/TCAFiles/Users/Admin/2/server-data/server.cfg
[22:51:08][tx:FXRunner] >> [3716] FXServer Started!
[22:51:09][tx:FXRunner] >> [3716] FXServer Exited.
[22:51:09][tx:FXRunner] >> [3716] FXServer Closed (0x1).
[22:51:09][tx:FXRunner] FXServer didn't start. This is not an issue with txAdmin.

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