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American Truck Sim - windows configs


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American Truck Sim - windows configs

Download the config
Go to TCAdmin > System > Settings > Game & Voice Hosting > Game & Other Voice Servers > Import
Save the config as a new config or chose "Overwrite existing config" if you which to overwrite your current config.


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Add the mods to the client version (game) then run in game console, type "export_server_packages"

Once done you copy over the files created to the american truck simulator folder.

Restart the server.


from a steam post:

Enable Console & Export Server Packages
Go to "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\American Truck Simulator" and open up the config.cfg and edit following:
uset g_developer "0" to uset g_developer "1"
uset g_console "0" to uset g_console "1"
Save file!

Now run ATS and hit the console key "~" and enter following:
export_server_packages or export_server_packages destination file
Wait until its finished!

2 new files has been created in \Documents\American Truck Simulator:
server_packages.dat - contains internal map data
server_packages.sii - contains map details, dlc and mods configuration


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19 minutes ago, mrpink said:

ok, sorry i should have specified MODERATORS, not mods as in game mods. sorry for that confusion

In the configuration file goto line moderator list: replace 0 with the steam ID/ ie 7354568994883,..............................,..........................  (id's separated by comma.)

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ok so it has changed.

it was :

 moderator_list: 3
 moderator_list[0]: STEAM_ID
 moderator_list[1]: STEAM_ID
 moderator_list[2]: STEAM_ID

but now you are saying to make it

moderator_list: STEAM_ID, STEAM_ID....and so on until i hit 8 moderators correct?

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Sorry, you are correct, they have changed format to what you have.

moderator_list: 2
 moderator_list[0]: 76561198001249477
 moderator_list[1]: 765611981********

if it does not work this method try the previous method.



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