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TCAdmin 2.0.183 not available (stable)


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  • Added options to hide title and description in Game > Custom Mods > Steam Workshop Configuration
  • MVC Workshop Browser can be translated.
  • Added option to enable/disable the deletion of steamapps folder after the first error. Default is enabled.
  • On Linux, TCAdmin files are optimized to native code.


  • Fixed Minecraft Feed the Beast modpack installer.
  • Fixed cache issue when using game switcher.
  • Fixed collection updates in MVC Workshop Browser.
  • Fixed task info popup when with some languages.
  • Fixed affinity error when creating a virtual server.
  • Enabling IPv6 support in the FTP server no longer disables IPv4.
  • "Updating existing services" in game settings was only updating 1 service at a time. It worked correctly from a global script.
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On 3/7/2023 at 1:37 PM, conceptr980 said:

After updating to this version, the following error starts to pop up :

"Unknown column 'delete_steamapps_on_error' in 'field list'"

Note: same issue to all configs not specific one.



Having the exact same problem.

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5 hours ago, Mi-Games said:

Having the exact same problem.

As a temp workaround i reverted back to 2.0.182 were this feature were not introduced, and the error is gone but for the recent game configs published in the forum, use any text editor and remove the line :


re-save config --> upload

As this feature were not implemented in 2.0.182 yet back then.

I hope that helps.


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