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Installing Game Mods


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I am trying to install the mani mod as a game mod. I installed it into the TA.mod folder, but when i went to install the mod, it didnt install into the right directory..


How do you do this and how do you use the mani editor under the gaming services page.. There is no file there for it to select..


any suggestions..

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You need to create the zip file with the same directory structure as you have in the game folder. If the structure does not match then it will simply unzip it according to the directory structure included in the zip file.


The mani editor will search the entire game directory and looks for the adminlist.txt file. If it does not find it within the directory then nothing would be displayed.

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Thanks for that..

With the mani editor.. I am using mani that doesnt use the adminlist.txt


It uses the client.txt for adding admins..

If you add a adminlist.txt to your mani, it gets rename and admins get transferred to the clients.txt


Anyway way of making the mani program edit the client.txt instead as there is 2 versions of mani out there..



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