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server not responding


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OK, I have installed Tcadmin and have imported all my IP's, I then installed the game files for example Call of Duty 2 in Cod2...I then went to game services and created a game on one of my IP's, which is the COD, I already had that running on that IP prior. I created the slots and everything except Applications Settings, do I need to go into those and set all that up? I'm not sure how, I read the system manual you have available but didnt understand it.


I saved everything else and started the server, it shows its running. Now I have the setting saved so it emails me if a servers stops or something...and this is the message I am getting.


The Call of Duty 2 server at xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:xxxx is not responding


now I check the server and its running...what is this...it keeps emailing me over and over.

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