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ARK: Survival Ascended


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Might be a few, but not really worth anyone's time with the limitations to it. Launching the server requires you to input your steam details as it's one server per account.

If you haven't already, you might want to check out nitrados rules around self hosting.

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you can host multiple servers via steam account 😉 .. log to steam client -> switch to offline mode -> start server ... and next machine again.. after this you can have 1 steam account and multiple servers, but 1 for 1 machine.

For now i have config for TCAdmin, but i have problem with starting server via TCAdmin, not problem with ARK, problem is TCAdmin start everything like "service" and you need start it interaction with destop and no option in TCAdmin "allow interaction with desktop" its not working.

We trying do it via psexec and other utilites, but for now TCAdmin cant start server like what we want to success

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1 hour ago, Ebarker said:

so what was the solutions, and is this the working install config for asa?


ASA can bet setup and run exactly like ark, just use the dedicated Steam App ID 

Problem right now is there Terms and conditions is very crappy
but even bigger problem, I am running 2 servers, one has 26 people online and is using 50GB of memory... No clue how any company can resell that or even host it for that matter.

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My version (not fully released) you can use to get started.

Port has been adjusted in commandline from what it should be as it would only bind to 7777 if other used.

Queryport is a waste of time (appears query is by way of 'new a2s' format)

RCON port works and binds correctly.


I have found Arkon program works for RCONning to server. Someone else has had some luck with custom RCON in tcadmin.

Serverlist seems buggy at present. Only way I find the server(s) is by search function. (might be different for others)



arkascend - Windows.xml

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4 hours ago, Xanadoo said:

Setting up my own stuff but used TCAdmin from ServerBlend and want it on my own rig.  Will TCAdmin "officially" support ASA?

Now that the server files are unlocked and free, there most likely will be an official one built. I have no ETA though but discussions are happening internally.

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