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Game templates duplicating


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Hi folks,

We lease a Windows dedi from a provider that uses TCAdmin to manage their per-slot rented services.  I don't know how it works but they've installed a version of TCAdmin on our dedi too and somehow we have the ability to use their template library without being able to view or edit the templates directly as they contain their private stuff.  We pay a fee to the provider to use TCAdmin and the provider gives us support when we have troubles. 

As per the linked image, we have a problem with game templates multiplying.  When I go to create a new game service, there's more of them!  But only for some games, not others.  I must assume that's an unintended consequence of however they're synching their template library with ours.  This has been "fixed" by various methods including a complete reinstallation of TCAdmin more than once.  They're telling me again that it would be fixed by a complete reinstallation of TCAdmin.  Having had this problem "fixed" three or four times already, yet it keep coming back, makes me sceptical of that claim to say the least.

Can anyone help?  This is absurd and frustrating.  I wanted to set up another game server tonight but if we're going to reinstall TCAdmin this week, I should probably wait.



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Yes, I have RDP and admin login for both Windows and TCAdmin.  However, I don't have extensive knowledge of TCAdmin, nor any knowledge of how the templates are pushed down from the hosting company as that's set up and maintained by the provider.  Apparently Luis has been contacted previously by the provider (deliberately not named here) on this issue as there are both Windows and TCAdmin logins in Luis' name.  I'm assuming that Luis is on the TCAdmin team! 

I'm just about to head off to bed as it's 11pm here in eastern Australia (UTC+11 at the moment) but it would be great if I could catch up with someone at a convenient time to take a look at this.  Please PM me on your discord @Trevor (trevorjd) if that's possible.  Thanks.

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