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TCAdmin to Qstat


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Sorry Gary for deleting your thread. I was trying to delete the first post that had the bad info in it, and accidentally deleted the thread.



Thank goodness for browser caches :) Here is the code you just posted.



# This should be enhanced enough to open $file, and clean it up (remove invalid entries)
# You can't use character subs in the @row[0] because it only matches that row
# Need to write it, then clean it up, ie: egrep -v ^TC5783714187363 
# Written by: "Monk" (gary@velocity-servers.net)

use DBI;

my $file = "servers.txt";

# Delete $file is it exists
if (-e $file) { unlink($file); }

# Connect to our database.
$dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:mysql:username:','username','password')
       or die "Couldn't connect to database: $DBI::errstr\n";


$sth = $dbh->prepare($sql)
       or die "Couldn't prepare query '$sql': $DBI::errstr\n";

$sth->execute || 
          die "Could not execute SQL statement ... maybe invalid?";

#print "Fetching data\n";

# Convert output to qstat type. You have to be sure you have the proper 
# gametypes in qstat.cfg otherwise you may not be able to use these.
# XXX: We should have a better way of doing
while (@row=$sth->fetchrow_array)
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC4875210400327\b/HLSHB/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC8644464364564\b/BF2/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC6878144563415\b/CODUO/i; 
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC2364114757686\b/DODS/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC6040600434168\b/COD2S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC5502614372407\b/Q4S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\bTC3055405514836\b/HLSP/i;

       @row[0] =~ s/\b1\b/RWS/i; 
       @row[0] =~ s/\b2\b/COD/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b3\b/CODUO/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b4\b/MAQS/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b6\b/A2S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b7\b/HLCZ/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b8\b/HLNS/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b9\b/HLDOD/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b10\b/CSS/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b12\b/SOF2S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b16\b/JK3S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b17\b/JK3S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b18\b/Q3S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b19\b/UT2004S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b26\b/A2S/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b27\b/HLSAD/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b28\b/HLSAMX/i;
       @row[0] =~ s/\b29\b/HLTV/i;
       #print "Writing @row[0] @row[1]:@row[2] to $file\n";
       #print "@row[0] @row[1]:@row[2]\n";
       open(DAT,">>$file") || die("Cannot Open File");


# Close file handler.

# Disconnect from database.

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