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Scheduled Server Restarts


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I was wondering if there was a script that would allow me to schedule a server to be turned on or off?




I would like a Spearhead server once a day to turn off and then back on.



It would be great if possible, thanks

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If you only want to restart one single game server then simply create a batch file and put the following in it.


net stop <serviceid>


net start <serviceid>


Replacing <serviceid> with the servers service id of your server.


You can then run the batch file as a windows scheduled task and scedule it to run anytime you like.

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im only on a trial atm...and am still contemplaing the purchase. however ive foudn the system to be top nothc...so its safe to say im a sure thing.


one thing tho...im a bit of a noob when it comes to the system jargon so my question is: where would i find the service id and is it a static id for that service?

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Click START>Run and type in services.msc and hit enter.


This brings up the windows services list. The service ID for TCAdmin games follow this format.


<username> <slots> <gameshortname> <TCXXXXXXXXXXX>


So a TCAdmin service would look similar to this:



That would be the Service ID.

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Ya every day would be over kill. I try to do mine 2 times a month but most the time i forget and it only gets done once a month. Moh servers on windows have some weird problem where they don't accept rcon commands anymore after a little over a month so most the time i try to reboot at least once a month. It would be cool to have some type of thing to do it for me.

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You can schedule a task to restart your server weekly or monthly. Start the Task Scheduler. Under Windows 2000 this is located in Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks, In 2003 Server & XP - Start Menu > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks. Now create a new task by selecting the File menu and then the sub-option New and then the sub-sub-option Scheduled Task. Rename the new task something like Reboot. Double click on the new task. First set the time. Click on the tab Schedule and select Weekly for 'Schedule Task'. Now select the day and time. Normally a weekend day (Sunday say) and a time at night (say 1am) to ensure no-one is using the system at the time. Now to set what is to run. Click back on the tab Task. Click set password and enter the password you use to log-on to Windows. This will ensure the reboot happens even if you are not logged on at the time. In the field 'Run' you now enter: For Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server - SHUTDOWN.EXE -r -f -t 01 Click the Ok button and you are done.

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