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I know that the files when viewed via the File Manager are write-protected. Is there a way to make all system files be hidden and not show up in File Manager at all? Like the .dll and .exe files, I'd rather just hide them so the novice customers don't get confused. Does TCA currently have that capability?

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You can actually hide the files by editing the file properties for the files in the install directory.


Then you would need to set the Show Hidden Files to off in System Settings>Plugin Manager>Filemanager


However, you woul dhave to make sure that anytime a file in the default installs was changed (like if an update comes out) otherwise they would be able to see them.


I think a better way would be to create file links to the files you want them to access in the game config, and simply turn off the filemanager.


But that is up to you :)

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VERY VERY old thread... and I apologise for reviving it, but I found it via search, and my post is relevant to it's content..... so there :)


I have used this technique for a while, but have just noticed something odd.....


A client had re-installed their server, and for some reason, it didn't copy across the files that were hidden (the .exe files)..


I have created several test servers, including new/fresh installs, and for some reason TCA no longer copies them from the master server to the server where the server is....


Any ides as to why it isn't copying the files? I have had to go through all our entire install directory un-hiding all the files :(


But would prefer to have them hidden

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