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File locations and folders.


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Testing around abit, and was wondering, am i setting the right parameters for the games?


Under service details / application settings i have the following.


Application - D:/BF2142/BF2142_ww32ded.exe

Working Directory - D:/BF2142

Game Root Directory - D:/

User Files Directory - E:/TCUsers


If that is wrong, if anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.


Thank you very much,


GGawaran :)

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System Settings, Supported Game. Click on any game in the list.


I think you are trying to manually set one up, which you shouldn't need to do. Simply put the correct game server fields in the proper directory unde C:\GameInstalls and then use the "Create a Game and Voice Server" screen to create a server.


If you use the manual service method you would need to specify paths to existing folders with game files in them already.

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For BF2142 you would place the gameserver files in C:\GameInstalls\BF2142


TCAdmin checks for the presence of files in the corresponding folder when you attempt an install. So if the files are not in that folder then it will display the message about no game files found.

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Yeah, im getting the hang of it now thanks for all the help, however I have 2 questions now.


1) When running BF 2 it states its running and thats it. With 2142 it goes through the same process however its showing the Server dos screen. Is that correct? or is BF2 suppose to show the dos server screen also?


2)When running BF2142 could not add map file map not found: (insert map name here)

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1. If you don't see a game console it means it has a problem starting. Follow this troubleshooter to find the problem.



2. Error in BF2142 is with the game not TCAdmin. Check your settings.


3. FTP is automatically created along with the gamserver. Users connected via whatever IP you specified in the server setup, and they use their panel login and password to login.


The external FTP accounts are for creating completely seperate FTP logins that have nothing to do with the gameservers.

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Well weve run into another problem, sadly. I looked though the trouble shooting guide you linked me and the problem were occuring now, is the fact that, when we paste the commandline taken from tcadmin, and run it through the "run" option it loads up the dos window fine, while tcadmin cannot.


Any ideas?

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