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Let me know what you think of the new sites guys, what can be improved etc. Plan to create a template thats similar to the website soon. My friend gave me the idea on paint, and i just make the photoshop version :p. Sooooo let me know. :)


I also customized the order form, with help of a friend, quite proud of myself :p


Jay. :)

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Oh sorry, stupid... lol http://www.nikgaming.co.uk :)


Any improvements? Not a perm. site but i needed a site to get business... obviously..


Also, anyone have any ideas on marketing, i have a few such as google adwords, demo servers, forum banner on a forum... but has anyone done anything to give a good response from? (I know im wishing to high, giving away market secrets, but help would be much apprec. for this new company :) )



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Yes i was told about that, there are a few errors within other browsers, luckily i have a friend whos a genius at fixing these. By the way Lonz, im LOVING the new EDGE12 site, the best one i have seen by far to be honest, when i get time ill work on something a bit better. :)


TCAdmin is working fine on my end, it just dosent have any gameservers running. Anyone have any how this would work. I want to create a gameserver but i dont want it to be using up my bandwidth etc.

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