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Clena performance table


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I usualy use the tcadmin "clerarperformancescript" to delete the perfomance file.

I want also have mountly maintnance to truncate the Performance Table it collects all data and grow a lot now is 1gb.


there is a script to clean this table ?



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yes autopurge was always set to 31 day but the still the table is 1gb and this create problem to mysql optimization.

If you have a script to run will be nice idea.

I have another idea I can try to set autopurge 1 day to have a new clean table ?

I don't know

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Just set the number of days lower then.


Example: If you set it to 1 day then TCAdmin will store 1 days worth of data. If you set it to 7 days, it will store 7 days worth of data.


Usually 7 days is a good number to set it at.

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I set it as suggested ECF to 10 day, when the scheduled task run it start purging data, after 10 hours is still purging data and I stopped it.

I think an error in the purging procedure when the table is so big.

I would open a ticket but you know........... :(

Any suggestion ?

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