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This would be nice


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Would it not be nice to have one place to get config files for all games supported by TCAdmin?


One simple spot to look and get just what you need.


Is there such a place? If not can you make one?


This would be of course for Windows.


Also a place for the game engines.

I know what your thinking....but game engines are not games, you can not play the game and no CD Key is needed.


Hats off to you folks, great job here !!




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TCAdmin has many configs included with the default install. Others are posted In this forum that you have posted in. Others can be found in the TCAdmin demo. Many games have server files on their web sites you can download, and many require you to upload the files yourself. For those, you may not distribute the files without violating their copyright.

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We do include a number of default configs along with the install. The others in the forums are posted by users for the general community, so we really have no failsafe way to sort them.


TCAdmin will pretty much support any game as long as it is run by .exe or .bat file. I allways suggest looking at one of the default configs, and then making one of your own for a game. Once you learn how to create a config you will never have to wait for someone to post one.


I find a lot of people use the configs as a crutch, and cannot understand or make one themselves. That's not what they are designed for. They are designed as templates, and not the end all authority for configs so to speak.

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