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Those of you that have Kayako Support, have you noticed an additional debit charges in your statement each time a monthly payment is made? I get these charges each time and kayako can't seem to answer them. These debit charges are an unauthorized transactions.


After each payment I get these debit charges. Keep in mind that I use my debit/credit card as a credit card and that all of my payments go through as POS. These below comes afterwards on the same day. These are just a few.


2/12/2007 Debit DB-WP KAYAKO $.32

1/12/2007 Debit DB-WP KAYAKO $.32

12/12/2006 Debit DB-WP KAYAKO $.32


My bank do not charge me additional fees to use my credit card. Anyways, I tried to work this out with kayako and they were just dancing around. If they do this debit with all of their customers and I assume that they have a lot. That is a huge amount. I hope that there is a good reason for this and perhaps I may have missed the little tiny noticed. I'll find out what my bank says about this.


I was wondering if you folks noticed that in your statement. I'm not trying to make them look bad, just wondering if I have missed anything. Their product is still awesome. Has a few glitches, but it helps my business out.



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