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css not able to update


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When i create a css server and run the hldsupdate tool this is what i get


Starting the Steam Update...

****Don't close this window. If you close this window the update will still be executed on the server****



Stopping the game server...

Game server has been stopped.

WARNING: unrecognized parameter 'Source'

Checking bootstrapper version ...

Updating Installation

** 'game' options for Source DS Install:


"Counter-Strike Source"





** 'game' options for HL1 DS Install:











** 'game' options for Third-Party game servers:







HLDS installation up to date

Starting the game server...

Game server has been started.

The Steam update has completed. You may close this window.



after its done the server is still on the spet 2006 version not the newest any ideas ?

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thanks for the quick replies ..its fixed now .I learned it was just a reinstall and since i had started all this i had created some diff config names for install and removed the install from the ftp .This server happend to be one of the ones that i had done before saving game copies , so i just changed the type and bam it worked .

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