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How to speed up the TCAdmin FTP?


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Hey all.


Ive been expiriencing very slow FTP transactions on my remote console. I have configured it to use direct MySQL, aswell as scheduling an IIS/Monitor restart every few hours to help it speed up. The servers are right ontop of each other and ping less then 1ms to each other so its not a latency issue. Also i have configured my ports correctly.


Here is how long it took to get to the File Manager

Version 1.0.2585.3656 (22.90625 secs)


It also takes quite some time using an FTP client


Anyone have some advice on speeding this up?

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If the slowness is only when logging in to ftp open your MySQL server's my.ini and add this at the end and restart the MySQL service:



You can also set this using MySQL Administrator. Go to Startup Variables and then select the networking tab. Check "disable name resolving". Save and restart the service.


If it is slow to transfer files the only thing that could make it do this is setting the ftp speed limit in the ftp plugin settings.

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