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Variable...you will have to "extract" (install) the files first...then rar the directory it was installed to. TCA cannot run the exe and install to the location it will only extract the files to hte location.

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To clarify more,


When you try and select the game TCA checks to make sure there is a directory with the game actually there, then if its there and all the configs are okay, and when you hit install,


it will check to see if there is a .rar or .zip, if there is it will transfer that instead of the directory.


I use .rar for all my server setups cause its quicker, more reliable and generally less sized.


But all of above :)

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Thanks guys for all your help...


Here's what I did... In my Master server which has the AA.exe file and convert it over to AA.rar...


Then, deleted the file folder c:/GameInstalls/AA and now it's just c:/GameInstalls/AA.rar...


I went and created a new game server and it detected the AA.rar and transfered it and it really lagged my controls in my website, lol. That is a huge file. It placed the file in the Remote server c:/GameInstalls/AA.rar...


Now, I'm in my Remote server because as you had mentioned, I would have to extract it from .rar flie back to .exe... Hehe, I did not have winrar in my Remote server...


After winrar was installed, I moved the AA.rar folder from c:/GameInstalls/AA.rar to the Desktop. There I extracted the AA.rar... Takes a very long time for that file to extract. I stopped here because it was slowing down my server.


Let's say I continued the process... As soon as the extraction is completed, I supposed you would run and install the AA game while it is on the Desktop or put it back in the c:/GameInstalls/AA.exe? My understanding of AA is that it has to be on the Desktop. But, seeing all the files under c:/GameInstalls/... I'm assuming to run the installation of the AA.exe in here c:/GameInstalls/AA.exe of the Remote server? Or install it from the Desktop and then transfer all the file to c:/GameInstalls/?


I wanted to test this process on my new game server and this game needs to be on its own machine, lol.


Thoughts on this steps?



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just let TCA do the install of the rar file. Delete the gamefolder it created and try a new fresh install. Now that winrar is installed on thta box it will do it all for you , provided you have the cfg,s set up correctly and your aa.rar file is correctly packed. :)

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Hello MOTHER. I tried it with a different game (smaller size, hehe...) And it did not work.


This is what I did... In the Master server, my CS.zip I changed to CS.rar... In the WINrar of the Master server, I clicked: Start > All Programs > WINrar to use it... Then, in WINrar's window I browsed for the file which is in the c:\GameInstalls\CS.zip... Then, there is an option in WINrar to "Add files to Archive" and that is how I packed it for .zip to .rar...


Tried creating CS game and it installed it but the game did not work... So, I put back the .zip in both Master and Remote and works fine again. Did I packed it wrong? Of you think I have a crappy WINrar? I got it from http://www.rarlab.com

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