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  1. I think this update broke he cloudflare passthru as it is now seeing CF IP's instead of the users true IP. This breaks IP restrictions to admin.
  2. Be sure you have all the dependencies in VC-redistros etc..
  3. Nope. I think its all over for this title.
  4. We use Maria. Just create a user and password and let TCA login an do its thing. IP restrict user access etc..
  5. Don't forget dependencies as well. Reditros, PhysX, DirectX and other things that windows games need to run.
  6. You have spaces in some of the code. ThisService_Cu stomPort4% ThisService_RCo nPort% ThisService_Cust omPort2% might be more i just spotted those with a glance.
  7. This can be done once Luis adds secondary services to V2.
  8. http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/files/files.shtml

    Opera Support?

    I had a few complaints on this just recently.. One in FF one in Chrome.
  10. Awesome.. I'd love to move to V2 but this one is a big stopper for us right now.
  11. Luis, Did you add the secondary services yet? I know you mentioned it would be added to the next update but I didn't see it in the list above.
  12. Did this ever get implemented? I couldn't find anything else related under search..
  13. If you use go to user in WHMCS instead of go to service you can then click game servers and see the node.
  14. http://clientforums.tcadmin.com/showthread.php?t=10872
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