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Just wanted to say Hi!


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Just wanted to drop in and say hello!--


New to the crowd here.

Long time webhoster / Long time AAO hoster.

Might be what ya call a vertical market, as I don't host anything

but aao. (So i had some money to piss off to be Prag Preferred Provider) :)


New refugee from that other game panel that starts with a C or an I, depending on the name de-jur.


Also wanted to let kevin and louis know, you guys are Kick-Butt in tech support.


Anywho, hello from texas--!

Taking a break from trying to get a handle on this template

Linux geek trying to do asp/iis (talk about lost) ..

Feel free to take a peek,



Not all the menus are pointing to the correct locations yet, as I still don't have a handle on hmm what I would call in the php/apache world those sessionID links yet.



If anyone has any pointers on how to get those links to work would be of great help! just can not figure out how to get my menu system to auto-fill in those long links :)


Well back to moving junk from cortex to this new panel!! I must say I like this one much better----




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Yea they work,

they go back to the main site.


The plan was to;

change that menu up to jump around inside your TCA panel



user logs on

want to jump right to config editor


the link would look like this


Wont work that way unless you're logged on as that user

next user comes in, if I hard code that link, it will fail

And doing it like this wont work either



Not real sure if I'll be able to get it to work due to that dynamic link structure you build after user logons on.

I'm sure If I dork around long enough with it, I can come up with some hack :)

If it was php, it would be pretty straight forward.

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Nope wont be able to jump around in our site, as each page requires a session authentication and code behind it.


Security ;)


figured it out--

Just a matter of digging into how you are passing the variables


Now to just get all the quick links working

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