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Alright so i guess i need a couple of questions answered.


A friend and I are planning on buying a box with the intention of hosting

CS 1.6 and CS:S servers for our clan. We might also rent out a few more servers to other people.


In order to support 100-150 player slots, what type of connection from a data center would we need?


From what I have found on the net, a 30-32 player slot 1.6 server uses approx 1500 kilobits per second. To run 100-150 slots wouldnt we need somewhere between a 6 and 10 megabit/s connection?


Hopefully im missing something, because that would be one costly connection. How do you larger companies do this?

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For something small like that, your best bet is to start with a dedicated machine. That allows you to get the feel for things without jumping right in.


For something able to run say 4 concurrent 32 man public servers (all populated and full), I would recommend a quad opteron or better.

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