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Hopefully they will relase a dedicated server application for it soon.


MP is often much better than single player mode.


What do you mean with "better" ?

If you mean you like MP better than SP then that makes 2 of us ;)

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I made a .bat file and placed it in the bin folder.

I only tested local, as I did not found the time yet to go to the DC and copy ALL Stalker files to a machine(almost 6GB). And I do not know which files are needed and which are not.


My .bat file looks like this:


dedicated\xr_3da.exe -i -nosound -start server(testers_mp_factory/deathmatch/hname=TESTSERVER/maxplayers=20/public=1/spectrmds=0/dmgblock=3/dmbi=1/fraglimit=30/timelimit=30/ffire=1.0/ans=1/anslen=3/pdahunt=13/warmup=0/etimef=1.0/estime=0:0) client(localhost/name=TESTSERVER)

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Unfortunately the xr_3da.exe in the dedicated server folder is a differnet version. I messed around with this for a good amount of time and can get it to run but in game it's the wrong version.


There is another (1.0002) patch coming out soon. Maybe someone will remember to update the dedicated server exe this time...

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You need to take the executable located in the /bin/dedicated folder and copy it over the original one located in the /bin folder.


I have attached a generic config. I have no idea if it works as I do not have the files on any of our servers.


I did however try it on my local machine and it appeared to start a server.


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It works. A client was nice enough to provide us with the files, and I created and had a server running today.


Keep in mind that a 16 player game uses like 6 meg sustained when full. And I noticed that and idle game uses 120 MB of RAM....

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I have a 12 slot I had up for 12 hours, and it used an average of 86mb. The

bandwidth is pretty high in this game but its pretty fun when its all low pingers.

I have a different setup, using a seperate map file.


Make a file and name it:



Open it with notepad, and put this in


sv_addmap testers_mp_agroprom

sv_addmap testers_mp_pool

sv_addmap testers_mp_lost_village

sv_addmap testers_mp_military_1

sv_addmap testers_mp_atp


Just change the maps to the ones you want.


Now, you will need to put that file in the /data folder, along with the server.ltx


This is what my server.ltx looks like:


sv_anomalies_enabled 1

sv_auto_team_balance 0

sv_auto_team_swap 1

sv_bearercantsprint 1

sv_dmgblockindicator 0

sv_friendly_indicators 0

sv_friendly_names 0

sv_pda_hunt 1

sv_returnplayers 1

sv_shieldedbases 1

sv_spectr_firsteye 1

sv_spectr_freefly 0

sv_spectr_freelook 1

sv_spectr_lookat 1

sv_spectr_teamcamera 1

sv_statistic_collect 1

sv_statistic_save_auto 0

sv_vote_enabled 1

sv_vote_participants 0

sv_anomalies_length 3

sv_artefact_respawn_delta 30

sv_artefact_stay_time 3

sv_artefacts_count 10

sv_client_reconnect_time 60

sv_console_update_rate 1

sv_dedicated_server_update_rate 100

sv_dmgblocktime 0

sv_forcerespawn 0

sv_fraglimit 10

sv_friendlyfire 1.0

sv_hail_to_winner_time 7000

sv_pending_wait_time 10000

sv_reinforcement_time 20

sv_remove_corpse 1

sv_remove_weapon 1

sv_rpoint_freeze_time 0

sv_timelimit 0

sv_vote_quota 0.51

sv_vote_time 1.00

sv_warm_up 0


Heres a sample of my .bat file that calls it:


dedicated\xr_3da.exe -i -nointro -nocache -nosound -silent_error_mode -external -svcfg C:\GameInstalls\STALKER\data\server.ltx -start Server(testers_mp_agroprom/deathmatch/hname=S.T.A.L.K.E.R./maxplayers=12/portsv=5445/portgs=6445/estime=09:00/etimef=0.0/spectrmds=30/public=1) client(localhost/name=Admin/portcl=7445)


The server never crashes, and it is very stable with the -silent_error_mode

variable. Notice I keep it in the GameInstalls folder until they make it able

to be bound to other IPs than the root. I dont know if this helps anyone,

but it is the best solution to run a dedicated stalker server for me.

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Cool! Thanks for sharing. I was unaware you could use config files for it.



Just a s a note for our users. Youc can replace this in the commandline svcfg C:\GameInstalls\STALKER\data\server.ltx with %userfilesdirectory%\stalker\data\server.ltx, and place the server.ltx file in the install files.

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Np, I know theres still alot to do to get this game up to par, but at least we can share what we know and accumulate it into a working rpoduct for tcadmin. Its a shame to see this game be so weak on the dedicated side, because I cant get enough of the single player.

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Ive been hosting several stalker servers in the UK for around a month now. Even though i its classed as the NO.2 best selling game in the UK it seems strange there arent many playing the multiplayer. My prediction is this game will be short lived, shame really as it has nice graphics :(

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