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Todd Holley

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So i would open notepad put in

3-58/5 * * * * /path/to/php -q -f /path/to/mb/include/scripts/cron_dispatch.cron.php /path/to/mb/ cron ENCKEY

And save the file with the .bat extension. Then go into scheduled tasks and tell it to run every day at 12:03 am and it would work correctly?



Thanks for the help. :)

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.bat files don't understand the time information that is placed in the scheduled task. They also don't understand user information once again that is in the scheduled task.

Use roughly:

/path/to/php -q -f /path/to/mb/include/scripts/cron_dispatch.cron.php /path/to/mb/


For more precise google cron and .bat conversion. I'm good at writing my own .bat but trying to write a generic thing like above gets a bit confusing to my head. I keep looking for the hard drive information :p

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