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Windows 2003 Box Randomly Locks ups and shits down


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I have a dual 2.8ghz 1gb of ram 2 18gb 10,000 rmp SCSI IBM server that I am having trouble with. It currently only has 1gb of ram because the memory I bought for it was bad and I had to send it back. When the bad memory was in it it would shut down because the memory would over heat and lock up.


I took out the bad memory and put in the IBM memory that came with it. It was working fine for a few days after that. now about every 4 to 6 hours the machine will shut off again. I have been looking throught the event viewer and cannot find anything that may tell me what is happening.


Any one have any suggestions or tools that may help me figure this out? I really really need help fast on this.



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I had a similiar problem once but it was a multi pron;em first there was slightly too much heatsick compound on the heastsink that pushed its wat to the pins. One cpu was running a lot hotter than the other i cleaned it up replaced fixed that problem. The next ussie was with the memory it detected fine and ran but would randomly shuut down to the blue screen of death at random times it even passed the memory check.


If its a memory problem I've learned way too many times just dont go out and order memory make sure you go to the manufacturers site and make sure you buy the exact model chip for that motherboard. Memory issues can do some strange stuff and really hard to pinpoint

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