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A couple of questions!


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We're currently running through the 20 day trial, looking great so far, it certainly seems like the product will eventually make life easier for us for sure!


A couple of things...


The Support Ticket system? I can't see it anywhere? Am I missing something?!


If we decide to purchase the product, will we be able to simply apply a license to the trial version, or will we need to uninstall/reinstall?


Many Thanks..

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You have to activate the Support system

system setting > Plugins > Support System "Enable"


You don't need to reinstall simply you will receive a newlicense key.


Tcadmin is great product I am a very satisfied Customer and Tester from 2005



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Once you purchase a license you will still use your original trial license. During the ordering process you are prompted to enter you trial license key. Then it will simply be turned into a regular key at that point.


Thank you for answering the other question Diego :)

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