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How much source servers on this machine?


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Dual Processor Dual Core Opteron 270 - 2.0GHz - 4 x 1MB cache

4 GB DDRI Registered 400


10 Mbps Uplink

Windows Server 2003 Standard R2 (32 bit)


How much 100Tick 500FPS boosted servers can I run there?


I'm planning on at least running two 18 slots servers with 100Tick and one 24 slots with 66Tick. I would maybe like to add a 4th. How would all these perform if I changed them all to 100Tick with 500FPS?


Help is appreciated.

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Also, if you plan to run TCAdmin you can use the "Start on CPU 0" option in the game config. This compensates fro HL's lack of multithreading, and will start the process on CPU 0, then spread it across all CPUs.

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I had this issue on one of my servers, all the game servers were trying to run off cpu 0 and the other three cores were only around 2%. Doing what ECF said fixed the problem. Whats strange is that it only did it on that server, my other ones are working perfect.

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