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Command line needed


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Tool and myself have tried this method you posted above, What we are trying to do here, is call a start.bat from within the userfiles folder


START /MAX C:\UserFiles\TEST\GameServers\TC72786178130807414246121\xxxxx.exe

START /MAX C:\UserFiles\TEST\GameServers\TC72786178130807414246121\server.exe


And not have TCADmin run this as a service.It seems to take over the cpu


if, We pointed TCAdmin to the Start.bat...runs as a sevice 50% usage

If TCADmin just loads the server.exe through the config file 50% usage


BUT..by starting the same above through remote desktop, It starts the server and runs it behind the desktop at 1-2 %


we have been able to launch 5-8 servers manually using this batch file from remote desktop, and cpu usage remian at 10 % constant.


But While launching just 2 using the TCA control panel maintains 100 % cpu usage.


I know I am blond..(more grey) But am confused why it would work this way



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Nascar takes CPU when it is run maximized. Unfortunately, we can't control how the game will react when run as a service.


I know other Nascar hosters have found a way around this, but I am not sure how.

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