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Top reason for cancellations


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Hey fellas, just curious out there what the majority of complaints you get for cancellations, and or reasoning given for cancellations....


So far so good on my end, have had no cancellations thus far pertaining to service...I find most of the people that have cancelled have done so when they loose in their CAL/CEVO season....


usually the 'new' teams, 1 or 2 monthers....Just curious what the rest of you experiance in this department...


Ive heard it all though in the past about providers from such things as bad pings, to bad support response times, to unhelpful support answers, overloaded servers, or the occasional 'these servers suck d1ck' etc...hehe :)


I looked, hopefully this topic didn't already exhist !


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You will always get a contingent of "your servers suck" - the majority of the time its a simple case of a team losing a scrim/match while playing on your server. It's easiest to blame the server.


Most clients close their accounts due to cyclical reasons, such as the CAL/CEVO seasons ending.

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The churn rate in game hosting has to be the highest then in any other industry.


We never ask for excuses of why they want to cancel, heck they dont even have to cancel, just dont pay and your server is shut down, BUT, there are so many reasons for people to shut down... hmmm


Its always easy to tell if a clan is going to shut down I feel from the way they create there support tickets, ie: agressive or helpful. The amount of people that think that they can swear and treat support like sh*t is high and when they are proved wrong, I find the majority wont renew out of pride.


For instance, there was one client last month who broke the record for most support tickets in one day, it was about 60 or 70. He expected everything and asked the most irrelevant questions that had nothing to do with our service and continually complained. Usually complaints are taken very seriously, but this one person had just been set up on a new server, completely new P4 dual xeon 3.0GHz 4GB RAM, empty apart from him and he was complaining about his high latency. I had to explain to him that its his ISP (tracert showed exactly the problem) and theres nothing that can be done. He didnt renew, the same goes for people who




Within 2 minutes and a quick glance at their hostname, you see they have:


hostname 'This is my server hostname



How are you suposed to even deal with tickets like that. Cooperaing back is pointless because they are never going to renew and will continue their aggressive tickets, thinking support is a punch bag.

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Most of our servers are pubs so the league schedules dont affect us much. What we did find is when we run a sale, the lower the slot price the less time they stay. lower price means younger customer and more support, higher price brings a older customer with less support and much longer staying power.



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yeah I experiance the same as whats been posted here...


Awesome comment LS....definately helpful, thanks for being aware :)


I agree that most that cancel are just ones that don't understand whats gong on..


One thing I do is send questionnaire after cancellation, unfortunately most don't respond....Would love if more did.


Also, whats "respectable" cancellation rate?...currently experiancing less than 6% of monthly growth..(ex. every 30 sales, 2 cancellations )...I am assuming this is somewhat decent...Figure can't keep everybody happy, just do best to make majority happy.



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We had a couple of cancellations this month and most of them say this


Hello ClanBaseLive staff,


I'm sorry to say that i'm going to have to cancel my AAHonor 18 slot package. I'm not able to pay for the server solely, and the guys in my gaming clan, who were willing to help pay, haven't helped me at all. :( So i'm cancelling payment on my server. I hope that you respect the fact that i've payed through the end of april, and at least leave my server running until then.


PS:Thank you very much for the excellent server and excellent service. When my clan is ready to get a server for good, we will be back.


Thank you,




Mostly financial reasons.

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I dont know how much Im allowed to post, but it was basically because some guy would continually get himself banned on his server from RCON for doing things like killing hostages, entering wrong RCON, and every time he would bitch at support.Very very violent. It was like this over 5 months. So I gave him two warnings and suspended his account for 2 days.


I dont know how old he is but this is what he sent.



'give it back again cus its mine other wise u will die u will die im mad man u will give it back or i will fuckin kill you ok u hear me its mine!'

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I finally lost my temper with a client :)


This was his ticket

I dont want my Fragnserver annymore!

Can you close it now plizz!!

dont know how and you'r live support suck!! they are never ther!!

And The Server Is Not working!!




And my reply



As per the agreed on terms of service (http://www.fragnservers.com/tac.php).

"Service Cancellations must be emailed to billing@fragnservers.com at least 7 days before your next monthly billing cycle."


As we are a reputable company normally we would be more then happy to cancel your service. But seeing as you think its important to threaten us as well as slander our company by posting "FragnServers Sucks" as your public server title, I am considering holding you to the terms you agree upon.


If you feel you want to continue with your lawsuit threats, please feel free. We are a real, profitable company with nothing to hide. If instead you wish to politely request us to cancel your server, we would be more then happy to process your request.


As for your server not working, this was caused by an incorrect installation of "Mani Admin Mod". Simply reinstalling your server would have fixed the issue or opening a support ticket with us.


Because you have requested a service cancellation, I will go ahead and process your request. If you feel you are willing to be civil, we will reconsider refunding this months fee although we have no legal reason to do so.


Please also let me remind you that if you do decide to file your court case which you are free to do so, you will be responsible for ALL legal fees incurred by both yourself and us as stated in the accepted ToS after your lawsuit is dismissed.


Thank you,

Jordan Jacobs


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An overall pretty good response. I wouldnt say you lost it at all.


The 'best' one is:


'you dont have your own laws in your little land of the noobs!'

'i could sue u for 1000s for u scams give it back again cus its mine other wise u will die u will die im....'


This guy had the same problem with his server been dead because of bad configuration.


Apparently im king of the noobs. Who wants to join in with my reign.

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The thing is also, if they report that the server is down, I always add on the game time that they lost when it was down just because they werent actually using it. But the second theres any aggressive tone, threats, legal threat, libel comments I just do the bare minimum as required by law or our TOS, and doing a law degree really helps to know what is the bare minimum.

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Terms are great, but hardly anyone reads them. How many of you read our TOS when you signed up?


You have TOS? </sarcasm>


I actually read a lot of TOS, mainly because I like to read them and see what is legal and whats legal. Its funny to read peoples TOS. I read 4u-servers TOS the other day from top to bottom. Probably about 90% is allowed, and 10% would be completley written out by UCTA.


Some people try and stretch the TOS wayyyyy to far to things which just means its invalid. Protection is great, but you can do more harm then good if you try and protect yourself too much.

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