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I've got TC alerting me if their server's branded text changes, but it's altering me on even minor changes like a space missing etc.


Therefore what I want to do is to change the Branded Text wording in the relevant supported game config so that it's not so specific.


I know what I need to do, but my question is, if I do this, will it automatically trawl through existing customer game servers and change the branded text, or will it leave it alone? (I'd rather it left existing servers alone! lol)

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Run a SQL query to update the branding text. I had to do that earlier last week when I wanted to add a reg expression to allbranding.


update `table` set `field` = 'branding'


update `table` set `field` = 'branding' where `field` = ''

(This will add where something isnt already set so it wont mess up any of your already set expressions)

I cant remember the name of the table nor the name of the field.

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