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Confused with mod files


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Before I ask, Ill admit im new to TCAdmin.


How exactly do I go by setting up mod files for a HL2 mod. I have the mod zipped up correctly so that the server just unzips it right into the folder. However with how it is setup, just wont work.


Under HL2 MP config, in mods, I have it set as:

     <DEFAULTCMDLINE>-console -game synergy +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +map syn_forgotten_evils  -autoupdate -pingboost 1</DEFAULTCMDLINE>
     <PRIVATECMDLINE>-console -game synergy +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +map syn_forgotten_evils  -autoupdate -pingboost 1</PRIVATECMDLINE>


The zip directory is located in 2 spots right now because ... i just dont know where to put it.


1 is outside the HL2DM folder while the other is in the HL2DM folder.

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The goto System Settings>Supported Games and click on the HL2 game. At the bottom of the screen click the MODS icon, and then "new"


Enter the info required and save.


*Note - Where it asks for the zip file name only put the filename synergy.zip, not the path to the file.

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well by reading the monitor it says this...


Downloading file from master ftp server. Path: ..\Temp\TC55287824234606681788453\TCA.Mods\synergy.zip

GSAutomation.Processes.InstallMod: The system cannot find the file specified. (code=550)


Seems like its not installing it from the install folder but from the acctual install of the server?

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Downloading file from master ftp server


You need to make sure that the synergy.zip file is located on the master server in the proper location.


Also, if you copied and pasted that error message, you have a space in between synergy and .zip which would cause the file not to be found as well.


synergy .zip shoudl be synergy.zip


Make sure the file is named properly, and make sure that the sapce does not exist in the mod section like that.

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OK its in the game install folder on the master server where all the other games are, its hl2mp\TCA.Mods\synergy.zip. The space on the .zip from the copy and paste is an error it seems as its not there. When i look at the server where its trying to install it puts in 3 files synergy\cfg\server.cfg then its stops. I tried and made a new zip of it thinking maybe it was having troubles with it, but still same thing

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Ummmm.... we have an 12 hour response time policy. Most are far under that.


Just remember you are not our only client. And your ticket has been answered by Luis. He is waiting on a response from you.

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I know im sorry, we were on a roll there then it just stoped. He got it up and rolling "I installed a new update in your control panel with the fix". All seems well now and thanks ECF for your help, didnt mean to bug you. Thanks again guys, your doing great.

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